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Bravento startup

Bravento is a sports and health technology start-up made in Barcelona, created in 2014 and headed by entrepreneur Xavier Sabaté.

A sports app based on gaming and motivation. With sports tracking and other health devices we motivate its users to practice sport and improve their habits.

We offer two products: Bravento Training for Companies and for Coaches. The first is an integrated health program designed by gaming experts, doctors, sports professionals and social mentors to foster healthy habits and enhance peoples’ lives.

We have combined a variety of disciplines to achieve an unforgettable experience that will transform you from within. It helps to enhance your staff’s performance, productivity and healthy habits, encouraging team building and talent retention. We can also reduce work absenteeism and the number of staff sick leave days.

All these aspects are managed through a personalised ecosystem in an app through which you can not only monitor, but also motivate the entire group throughout the process. We target and improve users’ weak points from different angles so that your employees become happier and more productive, naturally.

Through the sports social mentoring, we can turn your company and your staff into direct mentors to children at risk of social exclusion. The actions taken by the company and its staff to improve their health will have a direct impact on the life of these young people through a shared path to success.

The Bravento Training Coaches provides coaches in a variety of disciplines (swimming, running, cycling and skiing) with the most effective modular tool in sports gaming on the market, developed specifically to enhance your clients’ health and fitness. We employ the latest app technology, and the most innovative gaming!

“Bravento was born out of the passion I have had all my life for video games and cycling…”

It is the perfect tool for managing and setting up your own community. It allows your clients to create their own profile and interact with each other and they each have access to their own personalised training program that will help them will improve day-by-day. The calendar of events keeps them informed at all times of all the activities and sessions in your community.

It allows them to socialize with others when training and encourages competition, with rankings, prizes, rewards, etc.!

You can create your own personalised segments, either in your region or anywhere in the world.

We are continuously innovating and developing, tailoring the app to the needs of our coaches and companies and working on improvements that can be applied to all communities.

Brave team

    Xavi Sabaté


    Graphic designer and advertising photographer. Bravento is his first venture as an entrepreneur. A cycling enthusiast, he loves all its disciplines.

      Diego Santochi


      Mobile Developer using a variety of frameworks, including ASIHTTPRequest and SBJSON. Tennis, football, paddle-tennis, nothing is beyond him.

        Marc Ramón

        Brand Manager

        Creative Director, branding expert with an interest in sport. Fan of high-level yacht racing.

        Would you like to work for Bravento? Tell us your reasons at


          Jesús Hernán

          Business advisor

          Entrepreneur and manager of Internet and technology start-ups. Currently CEO and Co-founder of Yoleo/Legiland.

            María Jesús Juan

            Sales advisor

            Has had a continuous career in the management of industrial firms and experience in sports company management.


              Darius Funallet

              Founder and driving force behind the first Collaborative Intelligence firm, investor in start-ups. Previously a partner in the ECA Group.

                Pol Amat

                Captain of the Olympic Field Hockey Team, elected as the Best Player in the World by the International Field Hockey Federation in 2008.

                  Óscar Saiz

                  Consultant and technical coach for professional athletes and teams as well as sports industry brands. Triple Spanish champion in downhill and among the world’s Top Ten.

                    Jesús Haro

                    Founder of He was previously General Manager of Carroggio and Manager of Accenture.

                      Marc Sabaté

                      Business leader in the Forestry Derived Raw Materials and Recycling industries. Business Angel for start-ups such as



                        Consultancy in usability, specialising in the strategy, research and design of user-centred services.

                          Further Visual

                          Design and global communications agency offering quality content presented through simple and impactful designs.

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