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Bravento Training Companies is an integrated health program designed by gaming experts, doctors, sports professionals and social mentors to foster healthy habits and enhance peoples’ lives.

We have combined a variety of disciplines to achieve an unforgettable experience that will transform you from within. We will improve your staff´s performance, productivity and healthy habits, encouraging team building and talent retention. We can also reduce work absenteeism and the number of sick leave days are cut significantly.

All these aspects are managed through a personalised ecosystem in an app through which you are not only able to monitor, but also motivate the entire group throughout the process. We target and improve users’ weak points from different angles so that your employees become happier and more productive, naturally.

Through the sports social mentoring, we can turn your company and your staff into direct mentors to children at risk of social exclusion. The actions taken by the company and its staff to improve their health will have a direct impact on the life of these young people through a shared path to success. You will live a life experience you will never forget.

Join Bravento Training and make your employees happier!

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Don’t hesitate do get in touch with us at if you wish to purchase our wristbands.

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